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Briar Run Addytude (Addy)

(All Seasons McGwire x Hunters Moon Tootsie)

12" - tan/white - rough - 12/28/2001

BAER: Normal
CERF: Clear Dec 2010


Addy is my best friend, snuggle buddy and trusted hunting partner.  Addy IS my heart.


She is one of the first Briar Run terriers to go in a show ring and the hunt field.  We had shown her mother, Hunter’s Moon Tootsie, a time or two and did very well.  We enjoyed the competition and the friends we made.  Later, we found a stud dog for Toots, and did the breeding to All Season’s McGwire  (who we later purchased), hoping to have something nice enough to show and as good of a companion as Toots.  Well, Toots decided to whelp in the middle of the night with complications.  By the time we got to the vet and it was all said and done Addy and another bitch pup were all we could save out of a litter of five.  The other bitch pup was a “fading puppy” and we lost her at a week old.  Addy ended up an only survivor.  Of course after all we had been thru, our attachment to Addy was very deep.  


Addy’s name came honestly.  From the moment she could walk, she was strutin’ her stuff and telling you what it was all about.  At just eight weeks old she’d back talk you when given a command then just stand there with the “I’m all that” attitude.  Since then she has learned to sing you a song, tell you “I love you” or give you a kiss.


As Addy grew up we continued to learn more and more about the history of these diverse little terriers.  When we were first introduced to earthwork, Addy was just turning 2 years old.  Although we knew the risks involved in working these terriers, we still had to let Addy do what her ancestors throughout the centuries have been bred to do.  She took to hunting like a duck to water.  Her nose was to the ground always trailing and searching.  She did have bigger game on her mind at first, but once she was pulled from the hot deer trail and set straight, she figured things out and entered the earth for the first time working a ground hog.  There was no turning back after that. 


A true hunting partner was spawned.  Addy is fun to be in the field with, never lies, is steady, methodical and has a most wonderful nose.  She's a smart bayer only mixing it up when need be.  Through her years of hunting she has seen her share of ground hogs, raccoon and opossum.  She did work a skunk once in a shallow sette but only because we coaxed her into it.  She was sprayed, but other than being smelly she wasn't harmed.  We all learned a thing or two that day.  We also learned her "skunk sign" which is very distinct and we have never second guess it since then.  Addy has earned her JRTCA Bronze Medallion award along with the AWTA Veteran Earthdog award.


Along with being an excellent worker Addy is real easy on the eyes.  She has done very well in the show ring in both the Open and Working Divisions.  In 2007 (just shy of seven years old) at the JRTCA Nationals she won her Bronze Medallion Bitch class, moved on to Reserve Working Bitch then took the honor of being named 2007 National Reserve Working Terrier Champion. That day was as exciting as the first day she worked in the ground!  She also loves the GTG competition and has taken the Under Adult Championship or Reserve on numerous occasions.  Although she has some age on her, she still was able to compete with the youngins.  2010 was the first year she was entered as a veteran in any division.  At eight and nine years old she is still competing and winning in the conformation ring and GTG tunnels.  She did us proud when she took 2010 JRTCC National Under Adult Veteran GTG Champion in Canada. 

In the whelping department, Addy has had her share of complications.  Due to a problem with her progesterone levels she would start to re-absorb her pups within the last week or two of pregnancy.  Her first litter with Wango gave us Kaos and one dead dog pup.  We repeated the same breeding a year later hoping to get a larger litter and that too ended with just two pups – Boy and Girl.  We nearly lost Boy, but we didn’t give up and neither did he.  Another year later we put her to Hustler and had the c-section planned to try an avoid the same complications as the last two times.  Well, things went awry and she went earlier than planned.  This time we were too late and the litter was lost.  With the help of a reproduction specialist, we could possibly overcome these downfalls and most likely get another litter from Addy, however, I just don’t know if my heart could handle it.  I may just leave it up to her two daughters to carry on this bitch line.


Addy has done well with passing her good looks, attitude and working ability on to all her offspring.  We enjoy hunting them as much as we enjoy hunting her.  It's even more fun to have them out together.  She has taught them well.  Now,  Addy also has grandchildren to carry on her bloodlines and she can help teach them to hunt when the time comes.  We look forward to many more years of hunting with Addy and the generations down from her.   


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  • JRTCA Natural Hunting Certificates to Raccoon, Ground Hog, Opossum


  • Multiple AWTA Working Certificates

  • AWTA Veteran Earthdog Award








































Last Updated 22 Mar 2011


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