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Briar Run Kocky Boy

(Briar Run Wango x Briar Run Addytude)

10 1/4" - tri - rough - 04/14/2007

BAER: Normal
CERF: Clear Dec. 20

JRTCA Natural Hunting Certificates to Ground Hog, Raccoon, Opossum


Kocky Boy, the JRT known as "Boy", is a result of the repeat breeding of Addy and Wango.  Like his doggy daddy, we knew he was a special one from the start.  The day Boy's feet hit the floor he had his nose to the ground running'.  He was always on a mission.  At first we weren't sure if he new what his mission was but his heart and drive told him there was something out there and he had to find it.  Between eight and nine weeks old he worked a rat endlessly.  At just a few months old, while playing in the yard, his nose drew him to a two hole sette in our fence row.  Boy and his sissy, Krazy Girl, checked out the hole and with Boy leading they began to enter the sette.  We quickly tailed them out and got an adult who agreed something was home and we dug up a nice ground hog.  The next day we walked them thru the timber and again they found a nice sette and checked it out.  I love seeing working promise at this age. 

Boy grew up into a nice moving, well balanced, small terrier.  He packs a ton of heart and drive into a little 10 1/4" package.  Although Boy gave us all the signs of an early starter, we held him back from the field due to his size and the fact he acted as though he would be a "hard" worker.  At thirteen months old we had him in the field and his big sis, Kaos, worked a hog in a nice one eyed, straight tube - perfect for schooling young terriers.  We dug just a foot or so to a "Boy sized" hog.  The dig was repaired and Boy was let go to see what he would do.  He found the hole and entered without hesitation.  There was baying for a minute, then he engaged and drew the hog.  He did a great job, but all we could do is hope he would not try this with the larger ground hogs.  A week or so later we had Boy out again and he found and worked his own adult hog in fine fashion.  At first he did mix it up a bit, but he respected the hog's size and settled into a nice steady bay, staying until we got down to him.  Boy has been an excellent part of our terrier tool box.  He's a character indeed, often head butting his quarry when he finds them.  He has been a real pain a time or two when his nose takes him off into a direction he shouldn't go, but he makes up for it later when he's in a hole doing what he loves most.  At a young age Boy earned his first JRTCA Natural Hunting Certificate and by the time he was barely a year and a half old he had earned his JRTCA Bronze Medallion.  He has earned multiple AWTA working certificates and recently finished his AWTA Veteran Earthdog Award.

It's hard for Boy to compete in the show ring because of his size, but we show him from time to time anyway.  His first time in the ring he had just turned four months old and he wasn't much bigger than most eight week old puppies.  The other puppies towered over him.  The judge made us move to a dirt spot in the ring so he could he could see his legs.  He ended up second in the class and made his way up to Reserve 4 - 6 mos Dog Puppy.  The comment made by the judge that day was "I have never seen such balance and movement on that small a terrier."  Every time we have had Boy in the show ring we have been told that same basic comment and a lot of times they will add, "but he is just too small."  At that time I would really like to blurt out "too small for what? getting in every hole he can find?  What are the measurements for the breed standard?  Does it not state from 10" up to 15".  OK then.  I can't even begin to count how many times I've seen 14" +  dogs win it all.     Boy has placed at the front of the ground hog classes and he has placed somewhere in the line ups of bigger working classes.  The one I'm most proud of is when he got past two very strong show ring contenders and won his Bronze Medallion Dog class. 

Along with being a good solid worker, Boy is quite the character and a wonderful companion who enjoys rolling around on the floor with puppies or people for hours on end.  He has already sired a couple of litters.  Two bitches from his first litter are in the field working.  We look forward to many more years of field work and companionship with Boy and hope to see more of his offspring following in his paw prints. 


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  • JRTCA Natural Hunting Certificates to, Ground Hog, Raccoon, Opossum


  • Multiple AWTA Working Certificates

  • AWTA Veteran Earthdog Award


















































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