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Briar Run Kaotic

(Briar Run Wango x Briar Run Addytude)

10 1/4" - tan/white - rough - 10/10/2005

BAER: Normal
CERF: Clear Dec 2010


Briar Run Kaotic, also affectionately known as Kaos, chubby, monkey and bright eyes, was our first pup from Addy and Wango.  Her name came about because everything about getting her into this world was indeed chaotic.  There were only two pups in the litter delivered by emergency c-section and she was the only survivor.  She was the cutest, smallest pup we had to that point.  For a while she didn't even look real, but more like a stuffed toy.  has been full of herself from the start and is definitely her mother's daughter.  She is a very vocal terrier and can be quite intimidating with the sounds she makes while playing.  As Kaos grew up I don't think a day went by that she didn't make us laugh or smile.  She has matured out at a whopping 10 1/2" tall with all the drive and character of a big dog! 

Kaos not only inherited the attitude and presence of her sire and dam, but she also latched on to their working gene.  She was in the field being shown how to hunt by her grand sire at ten months of age.  It was that day she worked her first opossum.  Just a couple weeks later she was working raccoons, more opossum and big fat fall ground hogs.  She had a little trouble in the spring keeping up with the skinny hogs, but soon figured it all out.  She started out with a style like that of a coon hound!  She would bay as she entered and trailed through the tubes.  We wondered as she did that if we would know what "face up" sounded like.  Well, we found out there was quite a difference.  She would give a scream like a banshee, kicking up the volume and pace of her bay.  She has turned out to be a nice steady worker who has seen raccoon, ground hogs, opossum and red fox.  Like her sire, Wango, her first JRTCA Natural Hunting Certificate was earned at barely over a year old and her Bronze Medallion to red fox was earned at just a year and a half of age.  Her first AWTA working certificate was earned at an early age as well and she has just recently finished her AWTA Veteran Earthdog Award. 

Show ring competition is not something Kaos does, but she has more than proven her worth in the field and that certainly makes up for more than any rosette. She's a fun one to hunt and she is certainly the right size to get places where others can't.  We'll continue to enjoy working Kaos until she is ready for retirement, which is no time soon.  Someday soon we hope to have offspring from her to hunt as well. 





  • JRTCA Natural Hunting Certificates to Raccoon, Opossum, Red Fox


  • Multiple AWTA Working Certificates

  • AWTA Veteran Earthdog Award






Last Updated 22 Mar 2011



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