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Lost Acres Perfect Ending (Pretty)

(Cuchulann's Mick x Lost Acres Revlon)

13" - tan/white - rough

BAER: Normal
CERF: Clear Aug. 2010

NHC to Groundhog/Raccoon



For several years we had looked at a couple Sow's Ear stud dogs to compliment our bitches pedigrees.  We wanted to have outcross bloodlines but not stray completely away from what we had. We also wanted to stay with the type of smaller terrier that we have been producing.  The common denominator in the pedigrees we looked at was Lost Acres Revlon.  An outstanding bitch  and pedigree that would keep the old, proven working lines strong, possibly reduce coat and enhance movement.  It was hard to imagine flying out one of our girls to spend what would seem like a lifetime away from home to be bred to one of these stud dogs.  Making the long trip out east by car wasn't feasable with our working situations.  To make a long story short, we had given up on the idea of being able to send a bitch out east for the breeding we would like to have done. 

Around that time Karen bred Revlon one last time and as a result,  Lost Acres Perfect Ending (Pretty) was born.    Pretty followed in her mother's foosteps in the show ring as a champion and the field as a strong driven worker.  Pretty' accomplishments with Karen can be read on Pretty's page at Sow's Ear Farm.  Because of tough decisions Karen had to make, Pretty became available to an approved breeder.  I couldn't pick up the phone fast enough when I heard the news.  A bitch that has done as well as she has and had the Revlon lines I'd been seeking but right up front and in a bitch.  And believe it or not this came about on the day my fortune cookie said it would!  Simply stated the fortune read... an opportunity awaits you next monday.  And it did, and I called and I couldn't believe Karen agreed.  Thank you so much for entrusting her with us. 

Arrangement were made and Pretty was flown out to me right away.  I very anxious to get her here.  When she arrived I brought her in the house and it was like she was born here.  Such a biddable, loving terrier.  Of course I wanted to get her out in the field immediately, but it was decided that we should wait and breed her first incase something unfortunate would happen in the field.  The first dog I wanted to put her to was Wango.  This cross did not disappoint me.  Although, we almost missed out by breeding her too early, she gave us two beautiful bitch pups.  Both these bitches have wonderful easy to work coats, beautiful toplines, small chests and fluid movement.  Personalites are exceptional and the hunt drive seems to be strong.  They were shown for the first time at the JRTCC Nationals in Canada.  That's really putting the pressure on- showing a pup for the first time in the 4 - 6 mos division, especially when they are only four and a half months old.  The class was nice sized with bitch pups that were more mature.  Briar Run Pretty Baby  (Baby) took a very respectable 3rd and Briar Run I FeelPretty (Fiona) won the class then went on to be the 2010 JRTCC National Puppy Champion of the 4 - 6 mos. division.  Not too shabby for their first time out!  We took them out again the following month to the JRTCA Nationals.  This time the 4 - 6 class was even bigger with 23 entries.  Baby was given a nice long look by the judge, but Fiona was the one that made the cut.  She stayed right in there down to the final ten.  She was moved just two places out of the ribbons, but was given a very nice compliment from the judge.  We expect great things from these two bitches as they mature.  They are both going to be just under 12".  Fiona, I think, will always do a bit better than Baby in the sow ring as she is a tad taller and has a bit more presence to her.  Baby, however, was the one who stole my heart from the beginning.

Later that day in the working division, I entered the Veteran working bitch class with Pretty.  This was the first time I had ever shown her and talk about a bucket of nerves!  It reminded me of the first time ever showing or even worse.  Even as I write this my heart pounds just thinking about it.  We didn't do too bad, younger bitches were placed ahead of her.  Better handling and warmer weather would have certainly made a difference.  The next day was another nerve boggling experience.  Pretty was entered in her first family class. With the help of Karen and Jodi K., Pretty and I proudly entered the ring with Briar Run I FeelPretty, Sow's Ear Liberty Bell and Sows Ear Gidget standing at her side.  The class was nice sized with stiff competition.  Pretty's family which consisted of three litters by two different sires took second place then moved on, beating out the stud dogs, to be named 2010 JRTCA National Reserve Best Family.  It was yet another awesome achievement for the Briar Run gang that weekend and one that won't be forgotten anytime soon.  

Plans were to hit the field with Pretty after Nationals.  As luck would have it, she broke just days after we returned home.  I don't care to take bitches out while they're in heat as they disrupt the entire truck.  So, since she had to sit out anyway we bred her again, but this time to Boy.  The cross with Wango turned out really nice and crossing to Boy not only brings Wango back in, but it also brings in Addy.  The breeding was successful and the whelping produced two dog pups.  Both pups have the balance, presence and movement we hoped for in this cross.  On top of that, they have wonderful harsh jackets which should turn out to be easy to maintain.  We are very pleased with both litters Pretty has given us thus far and we look forward to watching them mature and getting them working when the time comes.  If these pups hunt anything like their parents we surely won't be disappointed.

Next stop for Pretty is the hunt field!  This season she will see her share of work.  I can't wait to get that nose of hers out in the field again. 






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